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Every summer, Chestnut Hill Family Acupuncture offers three days of complimentary immune-boosting treatment. Bring your friends and family — especially youngsters and the elderly — and benefit from San Fu Moxibustion, a preventative therapy that wards off diseases such as colds and the flu that may plague you in the winter.

The San Fu Moxa treatment consists of a dab of herbal plaster that is applied to four specific places on your body – one near each elbow and one near each knee. These are important acupuncture points. The herbal booster will expel coldness in the body, warm up your energy channels, and improve your immune system. It takes just a few minutes to apply the treatment, and then you go about your day, removing the little dabs of herbal plaster on your own approximately four hours later.

San Fu Moxa is also known as “Heavenly Moxa” because the dates of treatment are specific, derived for each year by the Chinese calendar and Daoist astrology. The treatment exemplifies a famous saying in Chinese medicine, “Cure the Winter Disease in the Summer” and is known in Chinese as Dong Bing Xia Zhi, which translates to “Winter Disease Summer Cure.”

Consider San Fu Moxa an all-natural addition to your yearly flu shot and strengthen your body and spirit for the winter to come.

Please “Save the Dates” below. You are encouraged to come all three days and make San Fu Moxa an annual ritual of preventative care for the entire family. Come early as the herbal patches need to stay on the skin for 5- 6 hours.


2019 Friday, July 12th, Monday, July 22nd, and Sunday, August 11th

Open House 7am to 12pm 

No Charge

As always, at Chestnut Hill Family Acupuncture, the goal is for you and your family to have glowing health all year round, every year.


San Fu Moxa can be a great preventative measure if you suffer from frequent colds or flu, cold body temperature/cold hands and feet, asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis, cough, chronic upper respiratory problems, chronic diarrhea, IBS, chronic stomach issues, digestive problems, chronic lower back pain, arthritis, low immunity, or general weakness. You may find great relief from these conditions with regular acupuncture treatments as well. To learn more about the acupuncture treatments available at CHFA, click here.

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